Chelsea Gomez

Multimedia Journalist, Photographer, Videographer

Toronto, Canada

Chelsea Gomez

Multimedia storyteller in love with creativity, information and educating the public. Photo Copyright: Chelsea Gomez



Harmless Interactive Documentary

Canadian kids are bullied at alarming rates and some take drastic measures to deal with it.

Health Canada tests radon levels across Canada

Radon - the second leading cause of lung cancer. CBC reports on HC data from 14,000 home tests.
CBC News Link to Story

Doctorless Disease – Lyme disease victims search for answers

96% of reported Lyme cases are from the north-east US. Canada is at extreme risk and is not prepared.
Pundit Magazine - Spring 2014 Link to Story

Economics of War in the DRC

The conflict in the Congo is more than just what meets the surface.
Infographic Link to Story

Photo Essay - Building Homes, Changing Lives

Habitat for Humanity, Dominican Republic.

Photo Essay - Beyond the Beach

Cuba: Havana, Santa Clara, Cienfuegos, Pinar del Rio, Las Vinales, Trinidad

Video: Women in Comics

Comics are a male-driven industry - always have been, might always be. Hear from women on the issue.
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Video - The Story of a Canadian Potter

Anne Chambers - 25 years of experience in ceramics. Brooke Valley, Ontario.
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Video - A Boxers Passion: Mini Doc on Jerome "The Kid" Coffee

Jerome Coffee, a former US boxer from Nashville, TN, is currently coaching in Canada.
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Multi-Media Story Feature - Comics reflect society , they don't change it.

Given the size of the comic industry, it should be held accountable for its effect on society.
IMCreator Link to Story

Infographic and Text Story: Farms – They are a changin’

21st century farming is taking on a new look with Community Supported Agriculture programs (CMA's).
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Editorial Design and Copy Writing - Zero Force Serve Action Kit

Volunteer Manual - Designed and written by Chelsea Gomez.


Chelsea Gomez

When I discovered the art of multimedia journalism it was as if two loves of my life collided: learning and creativity.

I live to tell stories in different formats and be able to create beauty from pictures, people and words, all in a single story.

I graduated from Dalhousie University (Halifax, NS) in International Development Studies and Political Science. After a few years, I entered the post-graduate program in Journalism New Media at Sheridan College (Oakville, ON).

I am passionate about different people and cultures, social issues, and connecting with people. I have studied in Cuba and lived in the Dominican Republic.

If I am not reading or working, I will probably be found baking, adventuring in nature's wondrous landscape, or people watching - or beating my husband at Settlers of Catan!



  • Photographer
  • Excel
  • multimedia storyteller
  • video editing
  • Writer
  • Avid Media Composer
  • Producer
  • Spanish
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Marketing
  • Designer